Specialty Services

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We utilize a system for cleaning vessels and tanks without entering them, which reduces the hazards faced by workers as well as reduces costs to the customer when it comes to disposal of wastes. By using high volume/high-pressure pumps on our equipment, we are able to incorporate an air driven wash nozzle system for tank and vessel cleaning. The system is able to handle water temperatures to 90 degrees Celsius and pressures up to 7000 kpa.  By using hot water and detergents when needed, vessels and tanks are cleaned and vacuumed out without the need for personnel in confined space and at high risk situations due to LEL limits and chemical or health hazards.

Specialty Services

Hot Shot

Compliant Energy offers hauling freight from Lloydminster to location.


Rod Shears

The Compliant Rod Shears is a safe & efficient Motor Powered Hydraulic tool for cutting bar stock. The machine parts the Rod rather than cuts it by using a combination of shearing breaking action. The action leaves the material burr-free. One cutting head is stationary and the; the other moves in response to a hydraulic enclosed ram that was designed to eliminate crush points other than the intended bar stock shear area.


Combo Vacs are utilized as Vac Units for sand management during work-over operations like Bailer Runs, and Wash Units to provide a means of cleaning and maintaining an environmentally friendly lease site.


Rod Stripping

Compliant energy will assist in Rod Stripping Jobs with our Combo Vac units to free Sucker Rods sanded in tubing. During your work-over of the oil well, our skilled operators can provide a safe, efficient management of sand waste and assist your Service Rig Crew with freeing sucker rods while maintaining a clean, environmentally work Environment.