Health and Safety

Safety it is the most important aspect of how we conduct our business. We are committed to maintaining a strong health and safety program that protects our employees, clients, contractors, environment and the public. Compliant Energy believes that safe business is good business. Management at each level are responsible for ensuring that operations are conducted in accordance with the health and safety policies and that appropriate health, safety, and environmental programs, procedures and systems of work have been developed and implemented for each operation under their supervision. Compliant Energy is also committed to continuous improvement of health & safety practices through management, education and training.


-“We can Take Care of That for you”


Concerned with health and safety compliance during your completion operations?
At Compliant Energy Services Ltd., our operational procedures are constantly evolving with the OH&S policy that regulates the Industry to ensure that Safety is the number one priority.


– “Government-mandated regulations are in place to provide basic guidelines for safety and environmental protection in the oil and gas sector. Compliant Energy Services understands that you demand a higher safety standard to ensure an efficient and profitable operation why worry about fines and additional hurdles due to policy breaches, when the experts at Compliant Energy can get the job done right the first time.

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Safety & Compliance

Compliant Safety Certifications Include:

  • COR Certified
  • ISN Compliant
  • Excellent Safety Record


Certifications Include but are not limited to:

  • H2S
  • Standard 1st Aid
  • Confined Space
  • TDG
  • Behavior Based Observation
  • Hazard Elimination and Control